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About Us

We believe that having good health is essential to living a happy life over the long term.  We also believe that sustainable fitness and nutrition principles have a dramatically positive effect on your overall life.  Finally, we believe that if you have the knowledge and capability to take care of yourself from a health and wellness standpoint, you’ll be able to care and provide for others without constantly feeling stressed out and rundown.

The Fly Bodies Team


Austin Ollis

CEO & Wellness Consultant

Bachelor's of Science from US Air Force Academy ‘12
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) ‘17
I’m a former college football and rugby player. Currently, I play for the US Air Force Rugby Team, I coach high school football at The Chadwick Academy in Palos Verdes, CA and I am a Wellness Consultant for BodySpec LLC.

Anyone who has been around me for an extended period of time knows that I have a passion for fitness and nutrition.  I've seen the benefits of prioritizing those two aspects of life over the long-term, and it has made me realize how simple yet complicated our bodies can be.  Being able to help individuals and couples meet and exceed their goals is something that gives me great pride and joy, because I know how much I have appreciated my coaches, teachers and parents molding me into the man I am today. 
Jordan and I are excited to work with individuals and couples who are hard working, have a great attitudes and are open to implementing some positive life changing health and wellness principles that can be past down for generations!  


Jordan Ollis


Degree in History/Education from Brevard College ‘15
Masters of Business Administration w/ Sports Management emphasis. Shorter University ‘16
NCCPT Personal Trainer ‘17
I’m a former 2X All-American college football player currently coaching High school football and working as a Personal Trainer.
Growing up I was always the person who was told by others and myself that I’m just a “big boned” or “broad shouldered” kid. And because of that I hammered my brain into thinking no matter how hard I worked I would never be a “fit” person who was in shape. BUMP THAT!!!
After working with my brother and learning along the way I truly believe that any person with the right mindset and desire has the ability to be a freak of nature if that’s what you want.
Austin and I have developed a system of healthy living unlike anything you’ve seen before. And it has come from studying/experience/trials&error/and consistency.
Our goal is to share this with as many people as possible to find each individuals map to their destination.


Ony Mullet

Wellness Consultant & Trainer

Coming Soon!

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