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Peter Attia: What if we're wrong about diabetes?

How To Make Beef Ribs In The Oven | Beef BBQ Ribs In The Oven

AMRAP - As Many Rounds As Possible

15 min

Equipment - KB

FLY BODIES wants to help you ACHIEVE your health and wellness GOALS!

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  • Health & Wellness Company 

  • Providing Workouts, Meal Plans and Health Coaching 

  • Offering 3 Health & Wellness Programs 

  • Teaching Sustainable Systems and Principles

  • Building Confidence for people who feel lost in the area of Health and Wellness 

Remote Health Coaching 

Are you tired of the 30 day diets?!?... 
We teach principles that last for 30 years!

NOW more than EVER, people want a Health Coach who  is capable of understanding a client on a deeper level than just fitness and nutrition.  It's about building a trusting relationship.


It is our MISSION to TEACH people health and wellness PRINCIPLES they can carry with them for the rest of their LIVES!  


Our program is SUCCESSFUL because OUR APPROACH to living a healthy lifestyle is SUSTAINABLE!  It is not some crash diet that will go away a week after you finish doing it.   


We want our clients to pass these principles down to their children, so they can FLOURISH and not go through the HEARTACHE of trying to figure what a healthy lifestyle looks like.  


Aim High! Let's Fly!


We are a health and wellness team that truly cares about the people we work with in our communities.  We want to see our clients thrive in an ever changing environment.  We have experience in building customized wellness plans that are easy to understand and even easier to implement into busy lives.  The Fly Bodies team has faced many challenges and significant amounts of adversity throughout our lives, and we want to use the lessons we’ve learned throughout our health and wellness journeys and pass them on to others to help them succeed in theirs. 



We offer practical, experience-based fitness and nutrition plans to improve a person's health based on the latest in nutrition science combined with real-world experience learned through the many lives that our team has changed already. We don’t simply tell people to eat a certain amount of calories or force you to buy an expensive fitness plan. We offer unique, personalized service designed to get your body and mind operating at the highest level.


We believe that having good health is essential to living a happy life over the long term.  We also believe that sustainable fitness and nutrition principles have a dramatically positive effect on your overall life.  Finally, we believe that if you have the knowledge and capability to take care of yourself from a health and wellness standpoint, you’ll be able to care and provide for others without constantly feeling stressed out and rundown.

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