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Fly Bodies Wellness Programs


Our ability to bring group HIIT sessions to your work or school environment is what sets us apart from other fitness companies.  We know that life is busier than it ever has been and finding time to drive to the gym is not very realistic for most people with obligations outside of work and families.  It's our mission to give people an easier way to get a great workout in from their work or school. 

Coaching Plans

  • FlyFit30

    FREE 30 Day Fly Bodies Wellness Challenge
    Valid for one month
    • Weekly Workouts
    • Daily Health & Wellness Videos
    • Weekly Q&A Session
  • Best Value

    Accountability Coach

    Every month
    Get your health back on track
    Valid for 4 months
    • Personalized Workouts
    • Tailored Grocery Lists
    • Educational Wellness Videos
    • Weekly Progress Checks w/Health Coach
    • Daily Habit & Food Tracking
  • Summer Fit HIIT

    Group HIIT Workouts (June & July)
    Valid for 2 months
    • Access to group HIIT sessions during June & July
  • Summer Fit 1-mon

    1 month of group HIIT workouts during the summer
    Valid for one month
    • Group HIIT Workouts
  • The Fleet

    Every month
    1 Year Membership of Fly Bodies Fleet
    Valid for 12 months
    • Weekly Virtual Workouts
    • Meal Posters
    • Weekly Wellness Information
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