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Implement Positive Health & Wellness Routines Into Your Lifestyle

“Running a business is the same thing as getting healthy. For example, you can’t get healhty by going to the gym for 9 hours. Right!? It doesn’t work. But if you go every single day for 20 min, you’ll absolutely get into shape. 100%” (22 min and 30 sec into the video)

Having an infinite mindset when it comes to your health is the best approach to living a healthy and fulfilling life. We set short-term fitness and nutrition goals for ourselves because we want to push our mind and body to the limit in order to see how well we can do. Once we hit a short-term goal that does not mean you’ll never workout again. Hitting a short-term goal gives the feedback we need in order to set new goals for ourselves. This is why you should plan to have fitness and nutrition seasons throughout your year so that you can take breaks from working out extremely hard and eating super clean. Giving yourself those breaks will allow you to re-energize and recover for your next season.


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