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The Scientific Landscape of Healthy Eating

There is an abundant amount of information out in the world explaining why a person should eat one diet vs another. Some people have ideological reasons why they eat the way they do and others use past experiences and information that they hear from their friends and family to guide their food choices. Dr Mike Israetel tries to approach nutrition from a scientific standpoint as best he can. When your health is a top priority, trying to make sense of all the information on nutrition can be quite confusing. In this talk, Dr. Mike Israetel summarizes the scientific findings on diet and health and lays out the simple rules of diet design that can be used by nearly everyone to get the most out of their health without the confusion and contradiction of typical diet advice.

The Scientific Landscape of Healthy Eating | Dr. Mike Israetel | TEDxSpringfield (14 min 32 sec)

Dr. Mike Israetel holds a PhD in Sport Physiology and is currently the Head Science Consultant for Renaissance Periodization. Mike was formerly a professor of Exercise and Sport Science in the School of Public Health at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he taught several courses, including Nutrition for Public Health, Advanced Sports Nutrition, and Exercise, Nutrition and Behavior. He has worked as a consultant on sports nutrition to the U.S. Olympic Training Site in Johnson City, TN and has been an invited speaker at numerous scientific and performance/health conferences, including nutritional seminars at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY. A co-founder of Renaissance Periodization, Mike has coached numerous athletes and busy professionals in both diet and weight training. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Mike is a competitive bodybuilder and Brazilian JiuJitsu grappler.


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