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No more waiting. 
Start living a healthier life today!

The overall health and wellbeing of your workforce is one of the strongest predictors of a your company's long term success.  Wellness programs have often been viewed as nice to haves, rather than a strategic imperative.  Fly Bodies wellness workshops are tremendously beneficial for companies who want to level-up their employees performance by teaching applicable wellness tools that employees can use on a daily basis to manage stress and live healthier lives.  We help build camaraderie amongst teams throughout the company by hosting fitness challenges that bring people together through healthy competition.  We also provide one-on-one health coaching, so that employees can talk through any health goals they may want to pursue.  These health coaching sessions allow employees to ask specific questions and discuss various paths to reaching their health goals.


Respected Sources

Providing our clients with information backed by science and delivering this knowledge in an easily digestible manner




Complete Shopping Lists

Teaching nutrition guidelines that are easy to understand and implement into every day life, in order to live healthy lifestyles and create life long habits



Guided Workouts and Videos

Providing workouts that can fit seamlessly into your busy schedule 



Phone Calls with Professional Trainers

Repeat calls with Fly Bodies trainers to help you stay focused and on track

In today's fast paced world, implementing a health and wellness program for your teachers and faculty to fit their every day schedules is just what your school needs to grow the next generation of leaders.  If teachers and faculty are healthier, happier and more productive, this provides an amazing environment for our children to learn and grow.  We want our children to learn healthy habits from the people that they are around most, so that they can carry those habits on for the rest of their lives.  

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The Fly Five


Eat for no more than 12 hrs


Drink half your body weight in ounces of water


Spend 20 mins outside in the sun


Complete 15 mins of vigorous exercise or 45 mins of moderate exercise 


Sleep 7-9 hrs

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