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Timing Your Caffeine Intake in the Morning

"I can't function until I have my coffee" might be one of the most commonly used phrases by adults in morning time. This post is not meant to sway you from drinking your coffee in the morning. That would be like telling Warren Buffet to stop investing on a daily basis. It just isn't going to happen. What I will recommend, just like Dr Huberman did in the video above, is to push your consumption of caffeine back 1:30-2 hours in the morning after waking, so that the caffeine has more of an effect on your alertness when you do consume it. This 1:30-2 hour delay in caffeine consumption will allow your body to rely more heavily on its natural way of waking up (Cortisol Awakening Response). This does not mean you should never drink coffee first thing in the morning, but it should make you reflect on your morning routine to see if you are just programmed to think you MUST HAVE COFFEE first thing when you wake up.

Highly recommend watching the full podcast by following the link below:


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