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Track Your Progress On Your Journey

Progress Provides Motivation (2 min 6 sec)

“If you make it to the top of the mountain, how about you throw down a f$%@ing rope so the rest of us can get to the top too.” - Christopher Lockhead

When I heard this quote on a podcast recently, it made me realize how incredibly important it is to document your journey in just about anything in life, especially health and wellness. 

Tracking your progress when striving to reach health and wellness goals is essential because it aims to provide clear evidence of your achievements.  It also gives you, and anyone else who may want to reach your same goal, a roadmap of how you made it to the proverbial “top of the mountain”, so that one day, if you dare to do it again or if your kids or someone else tries to make the journey, you all can understand the amount of work it takes to get there.   

Having this roadmap will also clear up some confusion you may have had going into the journey they first time you tried.  Uncertainty is by far one of the biggest deterrents for most people, when it comes to trying to achieve something they have never done before.  Not knowing the barriers that will come up or the setbacks you will encounter can 

I think we are all a little nervous to track our progress in the beginning, because we have the thought in the back of our mind of “what if I don’t reach the goal I’m setting out to achieve”.  I’ve had this thought many times.  But I’ve also had the thought “Man, I wish I would’ve documented my steps along this journey, so I could easily convey the story of what it took to get here.” 

We always see the before and after pictures of people who’ve lost significant amounts of weight or put on tons of muscle.  What I hope we are enabling with the FlyFit mobile app is the ability for people to easily document their journey, so that we are able to dive deep into the ‘how’ a person made to where they are today.  

Get After It!!



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